On the Droog again

The biggest and most successful independent up cycling company lives and breathes in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This conceptual dutch company is not your typical home design brand but a forward thinking ‘save the plante’ as a lot of Droogs work is display work only thy fall more towards the installation arts than living, the small amount of produces that make it to market tend to come with a high prince limiting there open thinking to though who can afford a re-worked product with an artistic twist.

Tejo Remy (above picture) was the man how sparked greater interest in Droog with his designs Chest of Drawers and Rag Chair (above).

The Droog house has a voice that calls for more though and awareness to be giving to recycling and discard materials as thieve proven you can make beautiful and interesting art with a function.

To view more http://www.droog.com 

droog project tejo remy rag chair chest of drawers upcycle

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